For more than two decades, House of India has been recognised for its commitment to truly authentic Indian cuisine with an enduring emphasis on culture, quality and service. Their chefs take immense pride, using only the finest spices, roasted in-house; and they even prepare their own blend of garam masala. Everything is cooked with the freshest ingredients, and all their sauces are made from scratch. Try their prized chicken tikka masala, cooked in a delicious creamy cashew tomato-based sauce. Succulent lamb loin chops are marinated in yoghurt and infused with roasted cumin seeds and cloves, prepared to perfection. Or enjoy one of their mouthwatering tandoor charcoal-style dishes. With more than 50 aromatic curries from all regions of India that are prepared in various styles and heat profiles, House of India has something amazing for everyone. Accompany these with tasty breads or family naan and an ice-cold beer or glass of wine. Watch the chefs at work whilst waiting for a takeout order. The rich aromas at this cosy, family-run restaurant will excite your senses and tantalise your taste buds. Award-winning food that is truly Indian.

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