A Quick Look

Peruse the businesses that have helped Bermuda boom and what you need to know if you decide to settle down here. As a globally respected international business hub with robust regulation, tax transparency, world-class talent and leading markets for reinsurance, trusts, wealth management, FinTech and private-client structures, many are relocating to Bermuda.

At only 21 square miles, Bermuda is a tiny island with big business opportunities. Bermuda’s pint-size parameters can deceive the uninitiated. It almost defies belief that an Atlantic jurisdiction of just 21 square miles could rank amongst the globe’s top two reinsurance hubs or support a half-million jobs worldwide. Yet the island’s diminutive physical scale belies its substantial economic impact — one that is only increasing amid an evolving regulatory landscape and rapid globalisation.

Innovation and collaboration are key to Bermuda’s corporate success, and agile teamwork between Bermuda’s industry, government and regulator underscores Bermuda’s status as a top-tier international financial centre. The island’s gross domestic product is on the rise along with jobs growth, and the jurisdiction is witnessing new investment and company incorporations across all sectors.


Paradise Found

Why Bermuda is a favoured spot to settle down — and what you need to know about the purchase process.

Mark Twain once said, “You can go to heaven if you want to. I’d rather stay in Bermuda.” Since then, millions of tourists have visited our shores, and many have made Bermuda their home or their home away from home. Bermuda is known for its pink-sand beaches, turquoise blue water and charming culture. It’s been ranked as the second-most friendly country in the world and features one of the highest standards of living on the planet, with a per-capita income that’s the third highest in the world.

Perhaps this high standard of living and friendly people are factors in why Bermuda is so safe: The island is completely free of serious crime in all but isolated circumstances. Whilst there are gated communities on the island (in the Tucker’s Town area), the gates are to ensure quietness, not as a safety measure.

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