Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher draws from the island’s beauty to create inspired sculptural jewellery. “Bermuda is at the core of my design ethos. My work investigates tiny beautiful details found in our environment and transforms them into lasting treasures,” she explains. Commonly known as “Bermuda’s Pink Sand Jeweller,”  Alexandra’s work reflects raw and organic elements found in nature by incorporating Bermuda’s famous pink sand into many of her designs. Becoming increasingly known for her fine jewellery collections, Alexandra incorporates various tiny textures from around the island into the bands and halos of her one-of-a-kind engagement rings featuring unique diamonds and precious stones. Her innovativeness and individuality don’t cease there. Leading a phenomenal team of Bermudian women, each collection is hand-crafted on-site in the Flagship Store & Studio on Front Street in Hamilton. “I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a team that shares my vision of bringing more beauty into the world. Our island paradise lingers with you and leaves you yearning for more.” With one of Alexandra’s treasures, you’ll take a piece of Bermuda with you everywhere you go.

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