Born and raised in Bermuda, Alexandra’s whimsical jewellery is a reflection of the island’s natural beauty from which she draws endless inspiration. “Bermuda is at the core of my design ethos. Using tiny, delicate details in our environment as a source of passion, I transform them into treasures that will last a lifetime,” she explains.

Alexandra’s celebrated pink-sand pieces — for which she has won numerous awards — are her interpretation of a unique Bermuda gemstone. Her mission behind creating these pieces is to allow everyone to “take a piece of Bermuda with them everywhere they go.”

Equally well known for her fine jewellery collections, Alexandra incorporates diamonds and precious gemstones into birthstone jewellery, light and airy pendants and hoop earrings, and bespoke engagement rings offset by finely textured bands that reflect Bermuda textures. You can even book a VIP custom jewellery experience with Alexandra to design your own one-of-a- kind piece. You can explore hundreds of pieces of jewellery in her award-winning Flagship Store & Studio on Front Street, Hamilton, where every piece is elegantly made by hand. Just a few steps behind, a skilled team of Bermudian artisans bring her vision to life in the studio. Studio tours are available daily for a sneak peek into how each piece is made. “I am so fortunate to have a team that shares my vision of bringing more beauty into the world; they are also some of the warmest Bermudian ambassadors you’ll ever meet!” Find a Bermuda treasure that speaks to you at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery.

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