9 Parishes, the Authentic Bermuda Rum Swizzle, is a hand-mixed and bottled, ready-to-drink Rum Swizzle. A potent cocktail irresistible to locals and visitors alike. As much a part of Bermuda culture as the Bermuda Onion, the vibrant hibiscus or the graceful Longtail, this unique blend of rum, liqueurs, juices and bitters makes for a truly delicious, refreshing alcoholic beverage, best served over ice with a slice of orange or a cherry. Once you taste 9 Parishes Rum Swizzle, you will notice the smooth, palatable taste that is just too easy to drink. Put their brand to the test and choose your favourite! Available to purchase by the bottle; in two-, four- and six-packs; or by the case. Available islandwide or order online at orders@9parishesbda.com.


9 Parishes Kiosk. Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys.

Also available islandwide. See website for full list. Airport Duty Free Shops, Select Hotels, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, and Service Stations

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